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This is a cooling spray version of our Hormone Balancing Cream. Totally designed for those suffering with the hot flashes of menopause to help balance your hormones while giving you instant relief from hot flashes.

Before using this formula, I was having hot flashes every 20-30 minutes all night long. It was impossible to sleep, which was making me absolutely miserable!!

I think I tried everything on the market; evening primrose oil, estroven, black cohosh, etc…with no relief at all. Having a mom that had breast cancer, made using hormone therapy too risky, and not something I recommend to anyone.  Then I learned how essential oils could balance your hormones and ease these awful symptoms. Now I usually only have 2 or 3 hot flashes a night. Wow!!

Someday, hopefully soon, I will be done with menopause. But until then, I could not be more grateful for the healing power of essential oils. Now I sleep about 2 1/2 hours at a time, which is just wonderful, before a hot flash wakes me up.

The Hormone Balancing Spray, as well as the cream, provides true relief without the dangerous side effects of synthetic hormones. There is no risk of getting breast cancer, blood clots, stroke, or dementia from using the organic essential oils in this formula. The cost is very low too, especially compared to using bio-identical hormone therapy, which has all of the same health risks as synthetic hormones.

This product comes in a beautiful amber 8 oz glass spray bottle to protect the fragile essential oils inside. Once you receive it in the mail, unwrap it from the protective bubble wrap and adjust the sprayer to your liking. Then when the first hot flash of the evening hits, shake the bottle gently to redistribute the essential oils, and apply a small amount on your neck and chest. For even greater relief, you can also apply it to your abdomen and back. Most women have experienced a reduction in the frequency of hot flashes within 2-3 days.

This formula is also available in a cream. It has the same hormone balancing power without the cooling effect of the spray. Women have found this product most helpful for PMS.


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