Eczema Cream


There are some easy steps to take to heal from eczema and remove the horrible itch it can cause. It starts with diet, eating both omega-3 foods as well as anti-inflammatory foods to reduce symptoms. Those include: flax seed oil, wild caught salmon, chia seeds, walnuts and walnut oil, oysters, soybeans, spinach, green leafy vegetables, celery, beets, broccoli, blueberries, pineapple, coconut oil, turmeric, and ginger. You should also consider reducing or eliminating dairy, or use only grass-fed dairy products.

You should also be careful about your bath/shower soap since it can cause the skin to become very dry and itchy. Your soap should be organic, rich in emollients, and contain no synthetic chemicals. Any of my soaps will be a good choice in that they will clean and hydrate without all of the harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Getting in the sun to detox your body is very helpful also. Direct sunlight on the skin can reduce eczema by increasing production of vitamin D, which improves immunity.

My organic eczema cream will keep the skin moisturized with anti-eczema properties. It is available in a 2 oz jar for $12.

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Ingredients:raw unrefined organic shea butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic raw honey, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, geranium essential oil, and lemongrass essential oil

One key ingredient is lavender essential oil, which helps heal the red, dry skin associated with eczema. Another is raw shea butter, which is full of all-natural vitamin A, works as an anti-inflammatory and aids in numerous skin conditions. All of the remaining ingredients will serve to both hydrate and heal your skin.


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