Rose Geranium Soap


If you love roses, you will love this handcrafted soap. It’s almost too pretty to use! It has the gorgeous fragrance of rose with dried rose petals all through the bar.

No synthetic toxic fragrances. No toxins of any kind. Just pure organic soap that will definitely set the mood for romance., It will leave your skin soft, clean, and fully hydrated.

Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils are good for your health in many ways. The most common benefits found in this soap is as follows.

Rose Geranium:

  • Helps treat acne, sore throats, anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Is an aphrodisiac
  • Eases the discomfort of menstruation and menopause
  • It’s antiseptic properties help heal skin irritations like eczema and psoriasis

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Ingredients: A pure organic white castile soap base, vitamin E oil, rose geranium essential oil, dried rose petals

Net weight: 4 oz

This fragrance is also available in a hand cream/perfume, on the Body Butter page and Gift Sets page.


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