Citrus Mint Body Bar

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This gorgeous handcrafted soap has the blended fragrances of sweet citrusy lemon and bold eye-opening peppermint. This one will make you feel awake and ready to embrace the day.

It will awaken your senses, with no synthetic toxic fragrances. It is fresh, invigorating, and a great way to start your day. It will leave your skin squeaky clean, and fully hydrated.

Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils are good for your health in many ways. The most common benefits found in this blend are as follows.


  • Treats blemished skin
  • Has mild exfoliation properties
  • Relieves muscle pain, swelling, inflammation, and headaches
  • Promotes healthy circulation.


  • Relieves anxiety, pain, nausea
  • Improves memory and alertness
  • Has antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and analgesic properties

To make this bar extra special, we’ve added pomegranate seed oil. Pomegranate seed oil contains a unique polyunsaturated oil called “punicic acid”, an omega 5 fatty acid, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The oil fends off free radicals to keep skin aging at bay. It also provides protection against sun damage.

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Ingredients: A pure organic glycerin soap base, lemon essential oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Net weight: 4 oz

Popular with both men and women. Pairs well with Citrus Mint Body Butter.

1 review for Citrus Mint Body Bar

  1. Lisa Tubbs

    This is one of my favorites! It is pretty, smells fresh, makes me feel clean and energized!

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